Stolen from the old blog

I went back and grabbed this… I’m pretty sure that blog won’t be back anytime soon.

The entry from 11/8/07

No Leukemia nor Lymphoma….

That was the final test results I’d been waiting on… after all the zillion’s of other tests….

They want to keep checking my blood levels and they’re waiting on some results regarding cytogenic chromosome testing (where they analyze my DNA and see if I’m genetically prone to anything).. I have an appointment with the Hematologist on Tuesday to discuss it more.

So the end result is… well there isn’t one yet… I’m still a medical mystery and there are still more test results trickling in.

My file at the hospital when I left was (no kidding) 3+ inches thick and when Dr. Moore had written out just the tests given and the results, it was a page & a half long. It may just have been a flu virus gone crazy…

From 11/11/2007

So… the story… Back on October 11th I started having flu like symptoms… mostly the runs… that lasted 4-5 days… then I started getting fevers & headaches, that I mostly controlled with Tylenol…. after about 5 more days I got REALLY worn out… started vomiting, couldn’t keep anything down except plain water.. and that was running straight thru me. Oct 25 I was supposed to go to work and couldn’t stop vomiting, so I decided I needed IV fluids if nothing else… so I went to the ER.

Since being in the hospital and having them take my vitals every 2 hours and blood work 2-3 times a day… they found I was running fevers upwards of 102 degrees… the highest being 105… my blood pressure was super low… my white blood cell count was dangerously low, but my liver enzymes and lipace levels were super high.

normal white blood cell count is 10… mine has stayed steady at 2.2 since I was admitted.

The fevers couldn’t be associated with any infection… they did MRI, CT Scan, ultra sound & x-rays and found nothing… although they think I may have had kidney infections and/or UTI that may have caused some problems with my pancreas. The other weird thing was when you run fevers… it is supposed to cause your white blood cells to INCREASE so they can go do their “fighting thing”… the entire time I was having fevers, my WBC count continued to drop.

My neutraphil’s (type of white blood cell) went below a certain level and I was put into isolation for 3 days until they could be brought up… I was susceptible to infection and wasn’t allowed fresh fruits, veggies, flowers or any gifts… and visitors were supposed to gown/mask up to come see me.

While the neutraphil’s increased eventually up to 46% of my total white blood cell count… so did the lymphocytes (a different type of blood cell)… the lymphocytes should be about 30% of our total white blood count and mine are over 60%.

So after ruling out pregnancy, mono, epstine barr, all the hepatitis’, HIV, and about 50 other virus’… they did a Bone Marrow Aspiration/Biopsy… and those results were negative for lupus, lymphoma & leukemia.

The last test they did on Monday was both an endoscopy & a colonoscopy… where I’m waiting on the biopsy results from some lymph nodes they removed there… so I’m not 100% in the clear for Cancer… but at least the two blood “biggies” have been initially ruled out….

I’m anemic… I have some nutritional deficiencies… and I generally feel worn out… but I suppose being unemployed has somehow been a blessing thru all this