Today? Not so good…

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I have a sleeping pill I can take, but wasn’t really wanting to take them every single day. I did take one last night.

Today… I feel… well… I feel like I did before I changed meds. It’s been 2 weeks of “almost too good to be true”, and now the ickyness has returned. I’m guessing it’s just a short term thing… (TMI) I started my period… have been eating too many carbs, sugars and not nearly enough protein. I got the shakes, dizzy and could hear my heart beating in my ears, which made me think I was congested so took 2 sudaphed instead of just one…

I’m going to chalk this up to not doing what I’m supposed to do and not be too concerned that it will last more than a day or two.

I felt feverish and hot, but never had a fever. Confirmed that with 3 different thermometers. I was so convinced I was “getting sick” I’m sure some of it was psychosomatic.

I feel bad because my mom leaves for England tomorrow for 6 weeks and I know she is worried about leaving me alone. I feel bad because I haven’t been able to help her prepare for her trip… I usually give her money when she goes too… this time… not so much… no income = not able to pay own bills let alone contribute to slush fund.

Which sucks, because that means she won’t be able to bring back the awesomeness that is UK Candy. I’m sure she’ll find a way to get me some tho…. mmmm… mouth is watering as I type… I think I need a snack…

Anyway… so today wasn’t a good day… and that’s ok, I’m sure I’ll have more in the future. I figure if the good outweigh the bad, I’m blessed and that’s all I can hope for.



  1. Seriously, when I listened to the people who told me to stop eating so much damn sugar for this last period I started feeling better. Protein is period balance, sugar/carbs are just fuckery.

    I’m sorry today wasn’t good, and I really hope tomorrow is way better.

    • The worst part of all this is I KNOW the sugar and carbs are bad… but a PB Cup here and a hand full of pretzels there…pasta and potato’s with each meal… ARGH…

      I slept a lot today and ate better. I already feel quazi-normal tonight… whew.

      I’m sure I’ll do it again… and will need to be reminded… but that’s what friends are for, right??

  2. it’s been six days since you gave me the link to this blog and I keep coming, but I don’t know what to say.

    So i will say this.

    I just need you to know that I am here for you, and I am rooting for you, and I wish that I could just hug you.

    and now that my awkwardness is done with, what candy does the UK have that is so damn good?

    • some people don’t ever come back… I can imagine how difficult it would be… what do you say? I understand it’s hard and really do appreciate the friends who let it be known they’re around! ❤

      I'll take that hug any day!

      I like… Black Currant Pastels, Aero (you have that in Canada), Munchies, Vice Versa, the honey comb stuff that's like Violet Crumble, but is the england version… hmm… polo mints…. and anything dark chocolate…

      the chocolate over there is creamier than ours in the USA… I even like the milk chocolate from over there where I'm not a fan of anything but super dark here…

      • okay…. mouth watering, hovering on drooling. I adore dark dark chocolate. Milk chocolate… ick! What are Pastels and Aeros? Vice Versa? Munchies?

        I am going to have to get my @Bling on do a little searching on those.

        As for people not coming back and not saying anything… it is hard, as a friend who has talked to you multiple times, and a friend who was blessed to have you when I lost my job… (You were the only call I received then)…. I can’t imagine being anywhere but here!

        I wish I was “there” and not “here” so I could give you a hug, some warm soup and be supportive in person.

      • there’s a Wiki page, and I warn you, about different chocolate bars from all over the world… mmmmm… it’ll make you wish we could get japanese and german candy every day!

  3. Seems like you should only have one or the other. HIV or a period. Not fair that you have to have both. Going out on a limb, but I’m guessing you’d choose period if you had to choose one or the other. I’m rambling now…I’ll stop.

    Anyway, I’m here. Still here. Will be here.

    • yes… period… no matter how crampy, poopy, face breaking out awful it is… period… every time!

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