Is it any surprise?

What I ate yesterday..

  • Special K w/ Red Berries w/milk
  • 2 cups of Hills Bros Sugar Free Cappuccino coffee drink (mix)
  • A few pieces of Teriyaki Jerky and a handful  mini marshmallows
  • A philly steak hotpocket and green beans marinated in Balsamic vinegar
  • a small bowlful of BBQ potato chips
  • half a hamburger patty made with onion soup mix, and a serving of pasta made with bacon, peas, grilled onions and a Parmesan white sauce.

Soooo… is anyone surprised that my ankles look like sausages ready to pop (CANKLES anyone?) and that I’ve gained 8 pounds since I stepped on the scale a few days ago?

Today’s plan? Lotsa water. Nothing out of a box (except cereal), tea, veggies, fruit and more water.

Ugh…  my skin itches… maybe cuz it’s wanting to split!


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  1. I’ve had that feeling before, too. Like after you eat Chinese or a really salty ham. I forget to drink enough water, too. It’s not my favorite drink. It’s just too blah.

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