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originally posted this picture on the main blog… but some people felt they couldn’t comment… so I’m posting it here again for freedom of speech.



  1. You never will be the same. If you went backwards you wouldn’t be making any progress. You’re the new you.

    I know, it’s annoying as all HELL that I’m an eternal optimist about EVERYTHING.


    I am.

    You are awesome, New You.

    • I try and be super positive… I’m even looking into networking with some HIV Bloggers/Speakers so I can use this in a positive manner. But still, there’s a part of me that’s still grieving and thinking “I’ll never get to _________” (fill in the blank)… It’s just part of the process, I think… and while I understand that, it still sucks… ya know?!?

  2. I would be surprised if you weren’t still grieving for what you feel you’ve lost. You’ve lost a portion of yourself with this illness, but you don’t have to lose anymore.

    You can take this shit by the horns and OWN it. Don’t let it own you. With all the advances in medicine and what not, there are so many things you will STILL be able to do.

    Don’t kick out all of your dreams, just readjust them and make them fit your current life. You can get there. You can still do whatever you want. You can still be whoever you want to be.

    You just have to have faith in yourself and believe you can. I believe you can. I believe you can taken ownership of this disease and not let it get you down.


    • Some of the things I’m thinking are straight up lame… Like “I’ll never be able to get another tattoo”… where in fact I’m sure if I went to a larger city and disclosed my diagnosis, I could find an artist willing to work on me.

      It’s all part of the emotional roller coaster I’ve been riding.

  3. What Poppy and Sodapop said. But, that being said, I understand. I mean, I don’t have the same sickness, but I miss the person I used to be before I got sick, too. I hope you don’t think I’m being presumptuous to say that I understand.

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